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Kafka - The Definitive Guide, ed. 2

Kafka: The Definitive Guide, Real-Time Data and Stream Processing at Scale


Chapter 1. Meet Kafka - Components and Terms

Chapter 2. Installing Kafka

Scaling Kafka / Number of Partitions (p.62)

# max processable messages per second equals number of partitions
# multiplied by messages processed per second in a consumer
total_number_messages_sec = partitions x number_messages_per_consumer_sec

# if the avg processing time per message is known,
# the number of messages per second on one consumer is
number_messages_per_consumer_sec = 1000 ms / processing_time_per_message_ms


If processing time per message is 20 ms -> number of messages per consumer = 50 msg/sec If 500 messages is needed to be processed per second -> 10 partions x 50 msg/sec

Chapter 3. Kafka Producers - Writing Messages to Kafka

High level producer overview (p.94)

Kafka Producer

Chapter 4. Kafka Consumers - Reading Data from Kafka

Consumer groups

Kafka Consumer Groups

If several applications subscribes to all the messages from the same topic, each application must have a consumer group.

Scaling of reading and processing of messages from the topics happen by adding consumers to an existing consumer group. Each additional consumer in a group will only get a subset of the messages.

Number of consumers can never exceed number of partitions (or the remainder will idle and consume no messages).